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A true Voice of the Customer programme means juggling multiple tasks: building a business case, managing stakeholder relationships, turning customer insights into changes in the business.

Using our renowned level of service, we’ll guide you through the ROI by Design approach…

1. Project Design

We’ll chat to you about your business: What your commercial goals are, how you currently communicate with your customers, and which other stakeholders are involved. Then, we’ll help you design a VoC strategy that has achievable goals baked into it from inception.

2. Stakeholder Strategy

For more complex projects with diverse stakeholders, we can help you with follow-up planning meetings to make sure everyone’s goals are considered, and the needs of everyone involved from participants to sponsors are met.

3. Implementation

Although our platform is easy to use, it can be daunting to get started with new software. Therefore, we’ll work with you to get the system configured exactly to your requirements, and we’ll train your team in how to use us to get the best results for your customers.

4. Proactive Ongoing Reviews

We will work closely with you throughout the duration of the relationship, advising you on how to adapt to meet your new challenges as your maturity and competitive landscape evolve. By understanding your business and your needs, we’ll help you get value from new features we develop, rather than leaving you to discover them and work them out for yourself.

5. Best practice, insights, and trends

Whenever you need expert advice or an informed sounding board we’re always on hand and happy to listen, help and advise. We’ve been helping CX professionals for over 14 years and we’re always talking to our huge network of CX professionals, so we know what works and what doesn’t; what’s key and what’s just noise.

The team are incredibly adaptable, supportive, quick to respond and offer a really personal approach to Customer care. Whenever we have a question, we email support and they come back to us within a couple of hours (at the most) with either an answer or a suggestion of a way forward. The system works very well for us as a business and we are really growing because of the results. Thank you.

Embedding and Continuous Improvement

A diagram listing the inputs from CustomerSure and the client that results in a success plan

Take the first step…

Connect with a CX expert who’ll help determine your current VoC programme maturity level and provide a 3-step action plan to improve.