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Should you be spending time making things better for your customers, or babysitting your software?

CustomerSure’s platform contains everything you need to run an exceptional VoC programme, across any number of channels, journeys and touchpoints, but does it all whilst remaining easy to use.

Great company & people to work with - and the platform is so easy to use and adapt to suit your company's needs. If you're looking to collect feedback from your clients and customers, speak to CustomerSure before you look anywhere else — it's the best decision we made.

Analytics and Insights

No matter how your business is structured, everyone in every role gets the exact reports they need to get their job done.


Get a picture of your whole business on one screen: spot trouble areas and drill down to the verbatim feedback behind them.


League Tables

Analyse a single KPI. However your business is structured, see quickly how the top performers are doing, who the bottom performers are, and what you need to do about it.

League Table

Strengths and Weaknesses

See exactly which trends customers are praising you for, and which need work. Pair with smart labels for a completely automatic list of your customers’ top priorities.

Strengths and Weaknesses
It only took us 6 days to get fully up and running…this was faster than we expected! Customer Service Team Leader

KPI Performance

NPS, CSAT, CES, or your own custom themes. Know exactly where you stand now, and keep an eye on the trends.

Track Important Metrics

Satisfaction Drivers

Instantly see which themes are directly driving your KPIs up and which are dragging them down, without spending hours building spreadsheets.

Satisfaction Drivers

Choice Question Reporting

Get a clear picture of customers’ preferences, and take action accordingly

Choice Question Reporting

Customer Journey Report

Be sure that every single step in a journey is delighting your customers.

Customer Journey Report
An easy to use, easy to customise system. Brilliant reporting facility with good feeds up to our office dashboards. Backup support from CustomerSure is also very fast and helpful.

Improving CX & Taking Action

Your competitors are caught up measuring customer experience. You improve it by taking action on what your customers tell you, when they tell you it.

Real Time Feedback

Drive satisfaction metrics up one customer at a time by reading and responding to customer feedback in real time.

Find and fix problems

Real Time Alerts

Stop molehills becoming mountains by triggering instant alerts to your team any time negative feedback arrives.

Email notififcation

Smart Labels

Intelligently, automatically capture the trends customers are telling you about, so you can drill down to problem and success areas.

Smart Labels

Company and Person View

See the entire history of a single customer on one page. What was their last NPS score? How often do they give feedback?

People and Company

Reply to Feedback

Lock in retention by replying quickly to customer issues. Quickly get a summary of your team’s entire conversation history with a customer.

People and Company
After working in the platform for a few years, we are still happy about the solution. It’s easy to use, especially for people who do not work in the platform on a daily basis. Global Marketing Director

Collecting Feedback

Across every touchpoint and channel, you get consistently high response rates because of your customer-centric surveys. Both over-survey protection and survey reminders are easy to set up for the unique cadence of your business.


Completely customisable, brandable surveys. Edit as often as you like and see changes in real-time. If you need help with survey design, we’re on-hand to talk it through.

Survey and text message


Design emails that get real-time feedback from customers whenever they hit a touchpoint in one of your customer journeys. Our industry-leading partners ensure high deliverability, and our response rate tracking gives you confidence in your data.

Feedback Request email
Getting up and running was simple and much quicker than expected – we just had to make sure we involved the right people from our side VP, Global Operations, Swiftpage


Request feedback using the channel that’s best for your customers. Either use our SMS partner or bring your own. Mix and match email and SMS across customer journeys.

Feedback Request email

Survey Scheduling

Get more and better data by sending surveys at the time which best suits your customers.

Trigger surveys by file upload or API integration, then use analytics to maximise your response rate.

Feedback Request email

Journeys and segments

However your business works, our reports flex to suit.

Use our built in staff, site, team, and customer journey segmentation; or set up your own completely custom reporting segmentation.

Customer Journey Trends
The team are incredibly adaptable, supportive, quick to respond and offer a really personal approach to Customer care. Whenever we have a question, we email support and they come back to us within a couple of hours (at the most) with either an answer or a suggestion of a way forward. The system works very well for us as a business and we are really growing because of the results. Thank you.

See how CustomerSure could work for you – free pilot project

If you’d like to see CustomerSure’s approach to improving your Net Promoter Score in action, contact us for a free pilot project. We’ll help you design and run a short, live test to show you exactly how everything works and prove the real impact our approach has on your customers and your business.

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