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Tell us about Optimus

Optimus is a tech company based in the property services sector. We provide conveyancing and home surveys via a technology platform connected to a nationwide panel of conveyancers and surveyors. Working alongside our panels, Optimus have a expert service team who ensure the performance of their panels and support the end-to-end home moving process to deliver a high level of service across the customer journey.

Why were you looking for a Voice of the Customer platform?

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Optimus wanted to work closer with customers to understand their pain points and things that could be improved throughout the process. Also ensuring that any changes being implemented with partners are really benefiting the customers.

Another requirement was having intelligent reporting, and multiple channels available with the ability to send surveys that integrate with numerous processes throughout the business.

The previous feedback tool had limitations and was not adaptible enough for our business needs.

How did the implementation go?

It was quick to get CustomerSure up and running. A very supportive team at CustomerSure worked closely with us to develop the platform to meet our needs.

I would describe CustomerSure as friendly, responsive, and supportive.

After going live, we were looking forward to clearer communication being shared to all parties, and this objective was definitely fulfilled.

What results have you achieved?

Optimus team photo We have now got enhanced data transparency with introducers, and we can utilise the feedback to help navigate decisions around service offerings.

Delighted to say due to CustomerSure’s partnership approach and sharing best practice, response rates and feedback quality have both increased as time has gone on.

What advice would you give to others considering a VoC project?

The more you know about your customer journeys and key points in these journeys the better. Time invested in mapping these journeys and understanding the wants and needs of different customer groups across the journeys is time well spent.

We are glad that we met the team at CustomerSure and are looking forward to developing our relationship in the coming years.

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