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Since our launch in 2010 we’ve championed the business benefits of customer feedback.

The inspiration for CustomerSure came when working at one of the UK’s largest firms.

We hit on a breakthrough which achieved dramatic improvements in satisfaction and retention.

The culture of the company was great, but the traditional approach to measuring customer experience wasn’t making an impact.

A few simple changes made all the difference. So we started CustomerSure to help other organisations achieve the same benefits

A decade later, many hundreds of companies have adopted our approach, and use our software as an integrated part of their business.

We’re delighted that people love our software and the way we work with them. We’re proud of the prestigious awards we’ve won along the way.

But it’s most rewarding to know that we’re successful because our customers have made their customers happier and their businesses more prosperous.

Super speedy and super helpful with every aspect of the software and integration. Good new features added. Great experience as a customer.

Ask our clients why they chose us and they’ll say

We’re helpful

Being helpful does’t just mean “being nice”, though we are nice.

It means we deliver things when we promise them. It means we’re transparent about our pricing.

It means we have years of experience helping firms improve retention, and we share it freely.

And it means we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We’ll listen to, and meet your unique needs.

We make it easy

You should be doing what you do best: looking after your customers. Not training your team on new software.

If your boss is asking for last month’s CSAT for the sales team, you need to be able to find it in an instant, not spend a day reading a manual.

That’s why we work constantly to make CustomerSure easy to use, even as we add new features.

We’re reliable

You need to trust that your customers’ data is secure.

You need a platform that doesn’t mysteriously break at 9:40 every morning when your team log on.

We take security and resilience seriously. We haven’t met an IT team we couldn’t satisfy, and we comply with the GDPR.

We won’t let you, or your customers down.

CustomerSure provides an easy to use tool to gather feedback. This is invaluable to Transcendit as a means to ensure the quality of our work as well as demonstrating to others the worth of our service. Great product with a great team behind it. Thanks CustomerSure!.

What problems do we solve?

From the start we’ve made it a priority to listen to our customers to make sure we continue to meet their evolving needs.

There’s been a lot to learn, and our product roadmap is still bulging with ideas and improvements, but these are still the most common themes:

Companies recognize the direct connection between customer satisfaction and business benefits.

Companies need information they can act on.

Companies require and appreciate expert support.

Companies want simplicity.

Companies are looking for a system that collects feedback consistently and automatically from every customer.

Companies need information they can use immediately and directly.

Easy to set up, well structured, easy for our admin team to implement, great support.

Customer Feedback should have an impact

It should improve the customer’s experience, and that should lead to improvements in your business – higher retention, increased spend, and more word-of-mouth recommendations.

But there’s a problem.

Although customers love giving feedback, they hate the way it’s traditionally been collected. Long surveys, bad timing and seemingly no action taken.

Our difference…

Is that we focus relentlessly on making sure customer feedback delivers a positive impact on your business.

Remarkably, the best way to do that is by making feedback a great experience for customers – when you get this right, everybody’s happy.

Here’s how we do it.

CustomerSure – Multi-award-winning customer experience software, backed up by years of practical implementation experience, brought to you by very nice people.

See how CustomerSure could work for you

To find out more about how CustomerSure could help you, get in touch today.

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