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Do you strive for world class satisfaction scores? Outstanding retention? And true customer excellence?

As head of customer services, they were my goals whilst working at one of the UK’s largest firms.

The traditional approach to measuring satisfaction wasn’t working. After a light-bulb moment we redesigned our feedback process from the customer’s point of view, genuinely listened to customers and took action that made a difference to them. The stubborn CX needle shifted and, vitally, retention rocketed! Amounting to over £1 million in extra recurring revenue.

The breakthrough was the spark I needed to take the plunge and start my own company, to follow my passion and help more firms become truly customer centric.

14 years later, I’m proud to say that, working alongside a wonderful team, we’ve helped hundreds of companies implement a best-in-class Voice of the Customer programme.

We’re delighted that people love both the service we provide and our easy-to-use platform. But, the biggest reward is knowing our clients are more successful because they make their customers happier.

Guy Letts
Founder & CEO

The CustomerSure Solution

A venn diagram showing VoC Platform Overlapping with VoC Partner resulting in a Best-in-class VoC programme for our clients.

The Ideal Client

Our ideal clients are CX teams in mid-sized companies that have outgrown basic survey tools or are looking for a simpler alternative to Qualtrics and Medallia. But the most common attribute is being customer centric – if that runs through the DNA of your company, we’re very likely a good fit.

The CustomerSure Way

Customer obsessed

We are customer obsessed and we love working with like-minded companies. We listen and act in our client’s best interest and don’t let people down.

Simple and transparent

We offer transparent, mid-market pricing with no lock in period and a risk-free pilot. We always keep things simple for you and your customers.

Focused on actions that matter

Measuring satisfaction is only half the job. Taking data driven actions to improve customer experience is the most important element of a VoC programme.

Partnership mentality

We work closely with clients to ensure success. We provide honest, thought-provoking advice to help them run a best-in-class VoC programme with our ROI by design methodology.

The Leadership Team

A photo of Guy Letts.

Guy Letts

Chief Executive Officer

A photo of Luke Brown

Luke Brown

Chief Product Officer

A photo of Chris Stainthorpe

Chris Stainthorpe

Chief Technical Officer

A photo of Darren Wake

Darren Wake

Head of Customer Success



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