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Marmalade Insurance have revolutionised their customer feedback programme with a fresh approach. Learn how below.

Marmalade Insurance, the specialist in insurance solutions for young, student, learner and young named drivers, has been providing trailblazing insurance products to those aged 17-30 since 2006.


From the outset, the firm’s mission has been to provide affordable car insurance to a demographic that has - for as long as time began - been somewhat neglected by mainstream insurance firms, with extortionate premiums, boundless red tape and a lack of understanding.

Part of the Atlanta Group of insurance brands, which includes Swinton, Marmalade’s approach has picked up recognition and resulted in them being named a finalist in several industry awards, most recently as highly-commended finalists in the UK Customer Service Excellence Awards. This unerring focus on the customer, not only in attracting new ones but really listening to their existing ones, has been a key element of the organisation’s success and growth to date.


Part of this approach is their customer feedback process, which they introduced in 2020, with the help of CustomerSure. We’ve been proudly working with the team ever since to help drive improvements in key performance indicators around customer engagement and experience.

In an industry that can be notoriously difficult to retain customers, thanks to price comparison sites and other economic factors, Marmalade Insurance was convinced that its high levels of customer service would be a genuine differentiator and set out to implement a robust feedback system that would utilise the views of customers and drive change across the organisation.

They wanted to not only make their operations function more effectively but actually deliver an even better customer experience for the end user through listening and continuous improvement.

Speaking of Marmalade’s commitment to understanding and utilising customer feedback, our CEO Guy Letts said:

Marmalade Insurance is a great example of a customer feedback process done right.

“It’s been incredible to see how harnessing the power of their existing customer feedback has positively impacted the overall business performance, and it’s both encouraging and refreshing to see a business in the Insurance sector put so much emphasis on the customer experience and it’s a privilege to help Marmalade to facilitate this process with CustomerSure.”

Showing how it’s done

Part of the success of their approach, undoubtedly, has been the culture shift internally.

Feedback is met with enthusiasm and proactivity and the team responsible for delivering the customer feedback programme has been able to drive improvements, rationalise change internally and ultimately, better understand their customer, which is of particular importance to an organisation with such a specific target demographic. We often stress the importance of utilising colleagues, and Marmalade is best in class in showing the possible success of this commitment.

The proof is in the results, with Marmalade Insurance reporting an improvement in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) of 16%, going from 75% to 87%, as well as a 7% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS), now sitting at 73 for customers who have purchased online.

The firm has also reported improvements in staff sentiment/morale as a direct result of receiving motivating feedback and seeing improvements in customer satisfaction metrics.

Jenny Lakin, Customer Insight Manager at Marmalade Insurance, explains:

“We knew that all functions within the business could improve customer experience if they had customer feedback that was accurate and up to date. For the company as a whole, we were looking for strategic benefits - ways in which we could identify and prioritise improvements based on clear evidence.

We were also confident there would be financial rewards for measuring and improving customer satisfaction. We all buy into the correlation between happy customers and valuable customers - who stay longer, buy more and recommend more. It turns out that we were right, and the results have been brilliant.

These benefits are particularly relevant in the insurance industry. Being able to differentiate ourselves by offering the best service gives us an advantage over providers who are competing only on price because the products themselves are often similar.”

Ready to start utilising customer feedback?

We know that it can be difficult to get an effective customer feedback process off the ground. Thankfully, for our customers, we’ve been doing this for a while and have the knowledge to help make it a success for the organisations we work with. And we have a heap of case studies to prove it.

So if you’re inspired by the success of Marmalade Insurance and its approach to engaging customers and driving KPIs, why not take a look around CustomerSure? We offer a free, no-obligation demo, allowing you to see what we do and to ask any questions to help you understand what’s possible.

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