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CustomerSure's customer feedback platform has all you need to put your customer's voice at the heart of your business.

CustomerSure’s comprehensive feature set allows you to collect, monitor and respond to customer feedback, and put your customer’s voice at the heart of your business.

With our award-winning customer feedback platform, you can:

Send surveys

Deliver user-friendly, responsive surveys over email, SMS, web, app and more.

Customise surveys to reflect your brand identity, with support for multiple brands.

Define customer journeys and measure satisfaction at each step.

Speak your customers’ language with support for multilingual projects.

Track and improve deliverability, engagement, abandonment and response rates on surveys.

Ensure full GDPR compliance, with privacy and security built into every aspect of our software.

Get unlimited expert consultancy to help you ask the right questions, gather valuable data and make an impact on your business.

We have been using CustomerSure for a long time now, and are very pleased with the way that we have been able to integrate this into part of our overall business customer feedback strategy. We take insights that we get from the CustomerSure surveys, and we use them to make real change in the business - resulting in happier customers overall. We also are really pleased with their support team - who have assisted every step of the way.

Make improvements

  • Resolve urgent problems instantly by viewing feedback history, replying directly, and adding notes
  • Categorise and prioritise common issues to fix underlying problems in the business
  • Use workflow tracking to ensure feedback is dealt with promptly
  • Set up real-time alerts for urgent issues
  • Send daily or weekly digest reports to keep team and stakeholders informed
  • Send personalised reports for advisers to track and improve their own performance
  • Restrict views so people get information that’s relevant to their role or location
  • Get expert advice, consultancy and support on improving your customer experience

See how CustomerSure could work for you

To find out more about how CustomerSure could help you, get in touch today.

Get data insights

Track Important Metrics
Track Important Metrics
Track Important Metrics
A great product which is simple and easy to use. It enables data to be manipulated to provide instant and tailored reports allowing us to capture useful client feedback and respond quickly to their needs. They provide a great response time and are always very helpful.
Hannah Spencer, Portakabin
Create Segments
Create Segments
Create Segments
Track Important Metrics

Integrate with your systems

Trigger surveys automatically based on events in other systems – ready-made support for common CRM systems.

Send feedback directly to your existing helpdesk or CRM system – built in support for Salesforce, Dynamics, Zendesk, Freshdesk and Help Scout.

Integrate with other systems using Webhooks – plus full support for Zapier.

Get full technical integration support at no cost, even for non-standard systems.

Integrate with existing systems using our secure API

Help Scout
Microsoft Dynamics
Seamless integration saves hours of email sifting. Highly recommended!.

Looking for more information about CustomerSure?

If you’re looking for a specific feature or want to see our platform in action, just ask and we’ll be happy to help:

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