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CustomerSure’s proven customer feedback software and methodology is designed by NPS experts.

Our powerful customer feedback software comes with expert support every step of the way, and our straightforward approach makes it easy to drive measurable improvements to key metrics like NPS, CSAT and Customer Effort Score.

How It Works: 5 Steps to a Better Net Promoter Score

1. Create a plan for improvement

We’ll talk with you about your business, how you deal with your customers and your commercial priorities to design a customer feedback strategy that’s just right for your customers and the way you work.

How you follow-up after receiving feedback strongly influences customer satisfaction. Not following up effectively can have a huge negative impact, and this is often overlooked, so we’ll help you plan to handle all the different types of feedback you’ll receive

Our cloud-based NPS software is quick and easy to set up. It integrates securely with all popular CRM and Helpdesk systems, or with your own in-house system. With your plan in place and CustomerSure configured, you can quickly start measuring and improving customer satisfaction

2. Send surveys

People love giving feedback, if you make it easy. CustomerSure's easy to use software platform makes it simple to design beautiful, branded surveys that draw out game-changing insights from your customers, whether that’s via email, voice, online or by SMS.

You can trigger customer surveys automatically at key steps in the customer journey, and you can import feedback back into your own helpdesk or CRM platform.

Our super-simple surveys are fast and easy to complete, meaning more responses and better data. We also advise on all the extra things that affect your results, like asking the right questions at the right time, designing trustworthy covering emails, and following up effectively.

I love the fact our surveys just happen. We get valuable information with no effort on our part.

See how CustomerSure could work for you

To find out more about how CustomerSure could help you, get in touch today.

3. Make improvements

Gathering customer survey data is just the beginning. CustomerSure gives you everything you need to act on it.

Respond directly to feedback with easy workflow management. Prioritise urgent problems whilst ensuring all feedback is actioned, and show your customers their input is having an impact.

4. Share insights

CustomerSure makes it easy to make your entire organisation more customer-focused.

Share customer insights and performance improvements across your company. Send daily or weekly digest reports for senior stakeholders, data visualisations for company-wide communications, and in-depth personalised analysis for individual appraisals, team development or site managers.

5. Track NPS performance

Use our effortless analytics suite to easily keep track of Net Promotor Score, CSAT and Customer Effort Score.

Segment your data to compare performance across important categories, such as products, departments, regions or even individuals, and use powerful analytics tools to draw out hidden trends and insights from your feedback data. With easy export features, all your data is yours to transfer into other systems or analyse as you wish.

An invaluable solution that helps to connect us to clients and gather real feedback that affects the performance and long-term strategy of our business.
ipad showing a CSAT score of 92 in CustomerSure

See how CustomerSure could work for you – free pilot project

If you’d like to see CustomerSure’s approach to improving your Net Promoter Score in action, contact us for a free pilot project. We’ll help you design and run a short, live test to show you exactly how everything works and prove the real impact our approach has on your customers and your business.

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